Monday, 10 March 2014

My Mac Lipstick Wishlist

I happened to be sauntering around Mac on my break earlier, intent on observing the new Fantasy of Flowers spring collection. The lipstick “Naked Bud” had caught my eye on the Mac website and several beauty blogs I follow, and I was playing with the idea of buying it depending on how it appeared in real life and the finish. Alas, the colours are never how the screen portrays them and I was disappointed. Pale lipsticks wash me out as I already have very pale skin, and lustre (as all of the Fantasy of Flowers lipsticks are) is my least favourite Mac lipstick finish.

Every time I’m by a Mac counter, I naturally gravitate to the lipstick stands. And, predictably, I end up falling in love with at least 10 shades and walking out with a sleeve tattoo of swatches.

These are my latest favourite five:

1. Dubonnet
Finish: Amplified Crème
Described by Mac as: Deepened claret
A firm Instagrammer favourite, Dubonnet is the kind of colour I hoard. I find it difficult to find deep red lipsticks that are lacking in strong purple tones, so this is perfect for me!

2. Spice It Up
Finish: Lustre
Described by Mac as: Mulled brown berry
Yes, I know I said I’m not a fan of lustre finish lipsticks. This is mainly to do with the pale range of colours available. All of the lustre ones I’ve swatched haven’t seemed pigmented at all. Considering Mac lipsticks are £15, I’d rather buy a Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm for £2.99 if I wanted something that incredibly sheer. However, this is a lovely shade and as the colour is so deep, I feel that would counteract the transparency of the finish, which will make for a lovely day-time lipstick.

3. Chili
Finish: Matte
Described by Mac as: Brownish orange-red
Matte, my favourite finish. I’ve promised myself to foray into more orange toned lip products this summer, and I think this is a good step as it is not too far from home (AKA matte dark reds) for me. Also, it’s not as terrifying as the shade Lady Danger or the intimidatingly Lucozadey shade Morange – I’m so not ready for that!

4. Cosmo
Finish: Amplified Crème
Described by Mac as: Pink coco
This is another big step for me. I’ve never bought or worn a pink lipstick in my life! I’ve heard a lot of love for shades like Hue, Velvet Teddy and Shy Girl – but I can’t wear them as they wash me out like being caught in the rain while drenched in Persil. This seems to be the middle section of the Venn diagram of Lipsticks Ellie Can Wear and Pale Pinky Nude Lipsticks.

5. Brick O La
Finish: Amplified Crème
Described by Mac as: Mid-tone Berry
I have something a little like this already – the matte finished Mehr. But I’ve really started developing an interest in sheerer finishes recently as they require far less maintenance than matte shades. (I’m not contradicting myself! Lustre is too sheer, amplified crème/glaze is perfect) This just seems like a gorgeously wearable shade and it’s suitable for all seasons which is a key factor when considering a £15 splurge!

So those are the Mac lipsticks I currently have my eye on! Obviously I want the entire counter, but I’ll settle for one or two of these next time I have enough money for one.

Which is your favourite Mac lipstick?


  1. Chilli is gorgeous! You will not be disappointed with it :)

    Sian | Sian Marie Beauty

    1. Next time I'm by a Mac counter I think I'll definitely be picking it up! :) xx


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