Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Mac Lipstick Collection (with Swatches - Hot Tahiti, Viva Glam 1, Mehr, Private Party, Retro, Diva)

I've seen many beauty bloggers showing off their vast collections of various cult cosmetics - Revlon lip butters, Essie nail polishes, Urban Decay palettes, etc. I don't really own enough of anything to justify calling it a collection. However, the thing I have most of is Mac lipsticks! See the end for swatches.

Hot Tahiti
Finish: Glaze
Described by Mac as: Soft reddish coral
The most recent addition to my Mac lipsticks, Hot Tahiti is a cosmetic beauty. The glaze finish provides the perfect balance between pigmentation and sheerness. This is a perfect lipstick for summer!

Viva Glam I
Finish: Matte
Described by Mac as: Intense brownish blue-red
I received this in a set with a matching Mac Lipglass (also in Viva Glam I) from my mum for Christmas as part of the Mac Divine Nights holiday collection. To me, it’s the perfect red. I would have called it ‘Seduction’ or something similar had I been naming it. The ratio of deep Claret burgundy to brick brown is something that ranks Viva Glam I high on my list of best lipsticks for autumn and winter. Plus, all the proceeds go to helping women, men and children affected by and living with AIDs or HIV.

Finish: Matte
Described by Mac as: Dirty Blue Pink
I don’t really use this lipstick too much. I was on the prowl for the perfect nude and just jumped right into this one without trying it on – BIG mistake. It’s nice and I do wear it on occasion but I think it’s far too purple heavy when it comes to undertones. I was hoping for a peachier pink undertone perhaps; this just isn’t the nude for me. My search still continues to this day…

Private Party
Finish: Satin
Described by Mac as: Dirty plum mauve
Ah, another spontaneity purchase! Trips to the Mac counter when limited edition collections are on sale are generally a stressful occasion for me. Everything sells out so fast and I feel pushed to make a decision – fast. I went with Private Party, a cold plummy shade. It’s a bit of an unusual colour for me – I generally like reds. However this shade comes in very handy for nights out during which I can afford to be more adventurous with my makeup. (Also, how nice is the packaging! Very YSL.)

Finish: Satin
Described by Mac as: Muted pinky peachy brown (I completely disagree with this description!)
This is my favourite lipstick out of my little collection. As the name suggests, it is a very vintage red. One of my favourite aspects of makeup is how it can affect one’s mood and I adore how classy Retro makes me feel – like a pin-up model! What could be better?

DivaFinish: MatteDescribed by Mac as: Intense reddish burgundy This was the first Mac lipstick I purchased with my own money. I was feeling rebellious. I wanted a dark, dramatic colour to show the world that I had become an independent woman (despite having not even begun my GCSEs yet). I jumped in at the deep end with Diva. While I didn’t wear it outside the house for at least a year and barely touched it inside the house as it was so pigmented and my preteen butterfingers weren’t accustomed to wielding such a dangerous and powerful tool, it has become a very firm favourite.

What's your favourite Mac lipstick? If you don't have any, are you interested in buying one?


  1. Love Mac Lipsticks, especially that Viva Glam! My fave coral lipstick is a Mac one!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

    1. What's the name of the coral one? I'm really getting into more coral shades for summer :)


  2. I have a few mac lipsticks but I think my favorite is Plumful! Its a beautiful sheer berry color

    1. Plumful is gorgeous! It's a shame that it's not a more popular shade xx


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