Friday, 23 May 2014

Post-Election Day: The Lookbook

Being easily embarrassed, I can only imagine that if I were an MP I'd be mortified at the results of an election if they were not in my favour. Inspired by the sudden empathy stirred inside me, I created a lookbook for the disheartened female politician or political devotee. 

There's something gorgeously vicious about this dress - feminine yet with a biting undertone. Upon further inspection, the crimson floral-from-afar print mimics blood splatters. Sporting this merlot speckled cotton-blend dress would mark the perfect end to a battle embarrassingly lost - surrendering in white whilst showing off the bloody wounds to your ego and your faith in the general populace. 

I am of opinion that it is very difficult to go wrong with glossy patent-leather heels. I'm smitten with these Gianvito Rossi offerings and am unfortunately lacking in wine hued heels. Every girl needs a black pair, a nude pair and a burgundy pair - and I'm sadly minus the burgundy ones. If only I could afford to drop £425 on shoes. Maybe one day. 

Ah, the Mulberry Bayswater bag. Classic, iconic, etc. The oak version with brass hardware blends seamlessly with any outfit and is an obvious choice for a long-term day bag. 

Tom Ford makes some beautiful sunglasses, the Josephine style being a constant wishlist presence of mine. These will merrily mask the evidence of your late night waiting for the results, violently F5-ing the BBC News election page and swigging liquor neat out of stress while jiggling your leg irritably. A swipe of Touche Éclait might not hurt either. 
And, of course, the big sun hat of dealing with the current circumstances while embarrassed. Don't let them see how you feel. Intimidate them by appearing emotionless despite that you are emotionally mutilated and just want to go home. 

Treat yourself, go out and try to forget that everyone in the country thinks you're wrong. Start with this lopside-necked Roland Mouret crepe dress. For a show-stopping silhouette, this dress will answer your prayers. Sculpt an alluring hourglass shape and remind yourself that you could pull it off far better than

any your rivals (Most of which men... Still totally counts though.) 

I've had an aversion to T-bar shoes for the longest time but I think this new season SS 2014 beneficence has turned me. Ruthless yet dainty, firm but fair. Etc. clichés. 

Black dress, black shoes, we all know what's missing here - gold. After all, you may be upset but you don't want to draw too much attention away from yourself - it's not a funeral, nobody has died except for your self esteem. Team a slender gold plated chevron necklace and matching ring as your battle armour. And a pretty metallic Louboutin suede clutch with signature blood red faille lining, just because every night look needs a matching clutch. 

I can't say I ever hope I will experience crushing political defeat, but at least I know what I'll wear just in case. 

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  1. Love this idea for a post, if I were an MP I'd definitely buy both of these outfits, probably on claimed expenses as well :P
    Your description of that dress is spot-on!

    Efflorescent Dream

  2. Hi Ellie -

    Noticed your question on my blog and thoughts i'd answer here as I'm sure it'd be missed on your comment on mine.
    Got the mini brushes from Boots - they were like £9.99 which is kinda pricey for how small they are but really are perfect!!!

    vintage and vans :)

  3. Great post! I love both outfits :)

  4. I really love the day look! Great concept!

  5. Awesome day dress, I really need one badly! Had no idea about the print, thanks for pointing that out. Love your blog!

  6. wonderful <3

    xoxo, rae

  7. I love this idea for a post, it's so creative! I'm also kind of in love with that day dress!

    Morgan //


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