Sunday, 31 August 2014

Picking up where I left off...

Picture from WeHeartIt, not owned/taken by me
A bit like most of my diet attempts, I sort of let the regularity of my blogging slip - oops. Being consistent is surprisingly difficult and I had to let college assignments take priority. And then I've been on holiday, enjoying the sun and not feeling particularly motivated. However I'm back and I want to get straight back into it.

I've actually really missed beauty blogging and have tried quite a few new products since I last posted as it was my birthday in August and I was generously gifted some amazing beauty bits and bobs by my friends and family!

For some reason I find it's so much easier to stay motivated when I'm busy. I'm actually kind of looking forward to going back to college as I feel I have more of a sense of purpose than during summer when I tend to waste my time because I have such an abundance of it.

In short - sorry for the hiatus, but I'm back and going to be doing lots of blogging! :)