Tuesday, 15 April 2014

theBalm Wishlist

After noticing theBalm's products being featured on an increasing amount of beauty blogs, I just had to check them out. I'm planning a little haul and this is what I plan to get - if I had unlimited money! I'll probably just go with two of these. But think of this as my shortlist.

FratBoy Blush | theBalm / Feel Unique | £14.50
This peachy blush reminds me a lot of Benefit Coralista! Reviews from Makeup Alley tote FratBoy as Nars Orgasm's non-glittery sister (say that three times fast!) which is a must for me as the glitteriness of Orgasm is really putting me off the £21 price tag!

Sexy Mama Anti-Shine Translucent Powder | theBalm / Feel Unique | £13.50
Ok, so this is a little pricey for a translucent powder - but no talc! (read below about the dangers of talc) I've heard many things about this being good, so I'm tempted. The only thing putting me off is how cheap the alternatives are in comparison - £3.99 for Rimmel Stay Matte vs. £13.50 for this? I'll wait and see how skint I am when I'm doing my haul for this to be properly considered!

INSTAIN Blush in Toile (Strawberry) and Argyle (Petal pink) | theBalm / Feel Unique | £18.50 
These are pretty expensive, to me at least. Again, it's talc free, yay, woo, etc. I'll do some more research on these before I get one, but the colours and packaging are gorgeous - I just hope the formula isn't a let down!

Cindy-Lou Manizer AKA the Con-Tour Artist | theBalm / Feel Unique | £16.00
I'm fairly sure most of the beauty blogosphere has noticed the hype of Cindy's sister, the Mary-Lou Manizer. I was tempted by Cindy as she's a three in one - blush, highlighter, and eyeshadow! The swatch featured on theBalm's website seemed a lot lighter than the one for Mary, so I assumed it would be better for me as I'm very pale. However, swatches I've seen on beauty blogs seem to betray this and Mary is a lot lighter than her peachy sister!

Mary-Lou Manizer AKA the Luminizer | theBalm / Feel Unique | £16.00 
As aforementioned, here's the Mary-Lou Manizer. A more purse-friendly alternative to the seriously glitter heavy Mac Soft & Gentle MSF! A winner to everyone, I'm definitely going to be getting this in the near future.

Being an American brand, I had never heard of theBalm before - but when I did, boy, was I intrigued. Sold to the UK via Feel Unique, theBalm is rare in that their products are paraben and cruelty free, and their powder products are talc free - a massive rarity!

In case you didn't know, parabens are dangerous chemicals which are often found in cosmetics and beauty products as a preservative. They can have very harmful side-effects but, despite this, they are a common ingredient in things such as shampoos and conditioners. Click here for more information.

Talc can also have adverse effects. While it is deemed generally safe in cosmetic use, it can clog pores and cause break outs. Non-cosmetic grade talc also contains dangerous fibres which can cause problems if inhaled in great amounts - this is why it's important not to purchase counterfeit cosmetic products from eBay! Again, more information here.

We all know about animal cruelty in cosmetics. There are cruelty free cosmetic companies, but they are often only available in health shops or may not carry a decent range of products/colours - or, like Lush's line of cosmetics, they're very expensive. It's very pleasing to me that theBalm is a brand which is not extortionately expensive, but is also cruelty free!

I'm a massive advocate of cosmetics without harmful ingredients so I'm so happy that theBalm is making products that won't have any negative side-effects!

Have you tried anything from theBalm?

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  1. I absolutely love theBalm and approve of your wishlist! Haha! I own both frat boy and coralista and have to say they're nothing alike. Coralista is significantly lighter and more like a peachy highlighting blush (it's quite golden and glowy), whereas frat boy is a straight up matte peachy-pink blush - very pigmented. I have the Toile instain blush and seriously love it - it is definitely my longest lasting blush. I too am lusting after Cindy luminizer. From what I've seen, I think for paler skintones Cindy will act more like a highlighting blush.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. I might be better off going with Benefit Coralista then because I'm not too into completely matte blushes! Thanks for telling me, I assumed they were similar because they both look coral-y! :') I might give the InStain blush a go though, I can never seem to get blushes that last very long when applied! I'm still having a toss up between Cindy and Mary, but I reckon I'll go for Mary after seeing the swatches :) Thanks for your comment xx

  2. i've never tried any products from this brand, everything looks so nice though! xx

    1. Neither, I think the packaging is definitely a big deal! :') xx

  3. The Balm is an amazing makeup line! I own the Translucent Powder, Blush and Concealer and they're all fantastic products. I really want to try out their Tinted Moisturizer, as I've heard it's really fabulous coverage for a TM. Love your blog by the way! :)

    Morgan //

    1. I'm so happy Feel Unique ships them to the UK! I really really want the translucent powder because I need a new one, so if I get any more recommendations then I'm going to have to buy it :') I haven't heard anything about their tinted moisturiser but I've been on the look out for one (or a good BB/CC cream) for quite a while now, so I may do a bit of research.. Thanks for your comment :) xx

  4. i havent tryed anything from the Balm but i would love to try the Mary Lou Manizer :)

    1. Same, I'm so happy it's not as expensive as Mac MSF! xx

  5. love!

  6. I've never tried theBalm cosmetics but I've heard so many great things about them! This is also the first time I'm hearing about the talc and paraben thing, so that's a bonus,woo. Great post! :) ♥
    Tequila Mockingbird

    1. Same! I can't wait til I have enough money for my haul! And agreed, it's so nice to see a company which cares about the well-being of its customers :) Thanks for your comment! xx

  7. I just recently bought the two loumanizers and they are amaaaazing. So worth the money!
    Bea x

    Bea's Beauty Blog

  8. The Balm Luminizer is on my wish list too. Hope you grab all of them soon. All the best :-)

  9. Really want the Frat Boy and the Luminizer! They look so pretty :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  10. These look amazing!! Theyre very benefit-esque which is nice and fun!!



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